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Facts & Myths
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Below are some of the most common myths students believe about studying abroad and, more importantly, the facts that
debunk them.
Myth #1: Why Study abroad when I can study similar course in India ….
It is true you can study similar course in India but the similarity would be in the course name only. The course content, teaching pattern, learning environment, and lucrative career options are some of the reasons why every year thousands of students go abroad for higher studies.

Myth #2: Whether I study abroad won't matter to a future employer
The job market is getting more competitive every day.  Employers are looking for something that sets you apart from the mass of applications they receive for each opening.  Study abroad is one of those qualities that place you apart from the crowd.

Myth #3: Studying abroad must be very expensive affair…. I don't have enough money ..
You will be surprised to know that many a times studying abroad is equally expensive or even less expensive whilst studying in India. When parents working in office as a ‘Clerk’ or in a factory as ‘Machine Operator, or running a small shop can send their children to study abroad than why not you? These are some of the true examples of our students / parents who achieved their goal. You can easily manage your Study expenses through ……….

Foreign Education Loan to pay your fee
Scholarship or study grants to reduce your fee
Work Part time & full time during and after study to support your living expenses & earn some money back to pay off your loan

Myth #4: But still my Teacher / Family says it costs lakhs of rupees to study abroad
Ok. So let’s take the following example of pursuing MBA in abroad and approximate costing
Tuition Fee – ranges from Rs. 4.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Other investment – Rs. 1.5 lakhs approx
Total investment – Rs. 6 to 8.5 lakhs only
You will spend similar or more amount on your MBA in any descent school in India.

Myth #5: With my less percentage, I don’t think I will be able to get admission in abro
There are many good colleges / universities who accept the students with reasonable academic background. If you do not have great marks on your result, still you can make it to good colleges in abroad with little bit of research on different universities. Few institutes also offers foundation programs specially for these type of   students through which you can enter into your desired course.

Myth #6: It will be very difficult to live, eat and travel in a foreign country where I have never been before.
Aliff will be with you all the way to make your journey of International education comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Our services start with helping you in finding right course, country, admission, visa, ticket, airport pickup & accommodation arrangements. We provide references of our past students studying on campus to guide and assist you in settling down in new place.
All institutes have their separate Student Service Department to help international students in all respects right after arrival till the completion of the studies.

Myth #7: There are so many countries, courses, colleges, counselors and representatives claiming each one are best … it is so confusing to arrive at right conclusion
At Aliff we offer unbiased and personalized CAREER COUNSELING . All the countries and courses are having their own importance but not necessary that all the options will lead to your desired destination. Hence, we help you to assess your final goal and accordingly suggest you the right path to follow.
We do not Sell any particular college or country but Suggest what would be the best for you considering your academic & professional background, budget, area of interest, after study plan etc.

Myth #8: How can I go to Switzerland or other Non English speaking country if I don’t know any foreign language…
This is a common misconception. There are many study abroad programs & countries that require no prior foreign language instruction even though country’s first language is not English. For Example, Switzerland has some of the best hospitality Institutes in the world where the medium of instruction is English.
It's true that the more language background you have before you leave, the more immersed you can become once you arrive. However, you shouldn't let lack of skills in a language stop you from studying in a particular country.

Myth #9: Why should I go as a fresh graduate .. I can always travel later once I have a job and am earning money.
Easier said than done. Once you are locked into a job and responsibilities, it's very difficult to get away for any length of time. You probably won't be able to afford unpaid vacation time because you will have locked yourself into long-term financial responsibilities: housing loan or car loan EMIs, rent payments or a mortgage, credit cards, and family responsibilities,
Myth #10: The world's too dangerous these days to study abroad—it's safer to stay home.
If you look back at history today’s world is very peaceful as compare to early or mid 19th century where the world has seen two world wars and border conflicts thereafter till the year 1998. Statistically, you are far more likely to have an accident at home than on a study abroad experience. If you use the same caution you would exercise when visiting a big city, you won't have any trouble. Each institute has got a separate International Student Support department to assist you during your stay in the country.

Ok .. than can you please tell me in brief what are my advantages of studying abroad ?
Ans: Well.. there are many advantages but will list few but important ….
  • You get a life time opportunity to travel and live in abroad
  • You expand your worldview
  •  It enhances value of your degree
  • You enhances your employment opportunities.
  •  You learn foreign languages
  • You experience different culture
  •  You develop practical skills and knowledge
  • You know your potentials, strengths and yourself well
  • You become independent and self motivator
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