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The Resume should be drafted in a simple format, font and layout. It should include following details.
  • Name
  • Educational qualification (starting from latest)(School name, Year of passing, Percentage)
  • Additional qualification
  • Professional experience (if any)(Employer details, Duration, Designation, Job Responsibilities)
  • Awards and Achievements 
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Linguistic Abilities (Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Personal Details(Date of birth, Age, Address, Contact, Email, Passport No, Marital Status, Citizenship)
  • Travel experience (Optional)
Click here to download the Sample Resume Format (in PDF Format)

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Purpose of writing SOP

Usually the purpose is to persuade the admissions committee that you are an applicant they should choose. You may want to show that you have the ability and motivation to succeed in your field, or you may want to show the committee that, on the basis of your past education & / or experience, you are the kind of candidate who will do well in the field

The content of SOP
  • Introduce your self – your areas of strength, personal interests, philosophy of life
  • Your family academic, professional, business background
  • Your educational background – projects, internship, extracurricular activities, achievements
  • Draw logical links between prior learning & proposed courses of study
  • Employment history – job profile & experience – link with proposed course
  • Career goals
  • Reason of choosing specific course / specialization
  • Your special preparation and fitness for study in the field.
  • Conclusion
Click here to view more details for SOP Format
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